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. Michael Sofroniou lives and works in Oxfordshire, working in a variety of media exploring visual ideas from the world around him. He says of his work:

My work is usually  based on direct  observation.  I either work immediately in front of a subject or work from drawings and studies done on the spot.  Colour, shape and pattern arise as a visual interpretation of the subject. A painting may be worked and reworked to incorporate changes of mood, light and atmosphere until the piece takes on its own life or it may be produced in a single session as an immediate response to a moment in time.

Born in 1957  Michael studied  English at Keble College, Oxford before completing a Foundation Course at Wimbledon School of Art and  then a BA Hons Fine Art & Illustration at Camberwell School of Art.

Michael has exhibited widely in London and throughout the UK. Recent exhibitions include the New English Art Club, Russell Gallery London, Royal West of England Academy Open, Llewellyn Alexander Gallery London, the Edinburgh Drawing School, and the Stour Gallery. He has work in the V&A collection and The Reynolds Foundation Menorca.

He spent a year at the RSC in Stratford upon Avon ( 1991-92 ) as Artist in Residence and has worked with students in schools on a variety of projects.

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